Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Crusaders? 
The Crusaders (or Fayetteville Homeschool Christian Athletics, FHCA) are a ministry of Open Arms Christian Fellowship created to offer competitive sports to homeschooled students in a Christian environment.

What sports are offered? 
Currently we offer Boys and Girls Soccer and Girls Volleyball.

How much does it cost to play for the Crusaders? 
The average cost per sport is $150-$250 and one team fundraiser per season. We do our best to keep costs as affordable as possible. This fee goes towards insurance, field/gym use, equipment, tournament fees, and referees. Other programs like the Crusaders in the state of NC charge upwards of $300 per player.

What equipment is provided and what would a player need to purchase? 
Uniforms are provided for the season on loan. Balls and equipment are provided at practice. Players will need appropriate shoes and gym cloths for practice. While not required, a ball for home practice is suggested.

What transportation is provided for practices and games? 
It is the parent’s responsibility to drive a player to and from practice and to and from games. Carpooling and caravanning is encouraged and can be arranged once the season starts based on areas in which players live. We do our best to make it as easy as possible. When carpooling or riding with a coach, we ask parents to contribute towards the cost of gas.

Where are practices located? 
Soccer practice location is not set until the season begins. In the past it has been at Church of the Open Door in Fayetteville. Volleyball and Basketball practices are currently held at Massey Hill Baptist Church Gym on Southern Ave in Fayetteville.

Massey Hill Baptist Church (Gym across the street, large yellow building)1027 Southern Ave
Fayetteville, NC 28306 

Where are games located? 
The Crusaders are part of the NCHE Athletic Conference and so we are required to play other homeschool teams across the state. Largely our conference games are in the Eastern region of the state. We also play Christian schools in Fayetteville, Sanford, and Lumberton. Normally we will have 6-8 home games as well. Regional and State competitions are held in different locations each year around the state. Soccer home games are held at Jordan Soccer Center off Ramsey St.

When are practices held? 
Practices are normally held on Mondays and Thursdays. Times and locations vary by sport and level. Practices start promptly and players are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to practice to be sure they are dressed and ready to begin.

When are games held?
Generally games are Tuesdays and/or Fridays. There will be occasional games on Mondays or Thursdays. Games generally begin at 3:30 or 4:00, but can vary by level and can start as late as 7pm depending on the games prior, especially at the varsity level. Players are expected 30min – 1 hour prior to the game depending on the coaches request. The game schedule is posted on the website. While most games are scheduled long before the season begins, there are updates and changes along the way.

What expectations are there for players?
Playing for the Crusaders is a team commitment. Not only is the player committing to attend practice, practice at home, and give their all in games, they are also making a commitment to being a team player. This means keeping on track with their school work, having their uniform and equipment in order, and having a positive attitude for their own play and encouragement of others is a necessity. A desire to improve and help others is also required. Additionally there is a code of conduct players and parents must sign and abide by. FHCA is a Christian organization, and while we do not require participants to be Christians, we do run our teams by biblical principles and seek to honor the Lord in all we do.

What expectations are there for parents?
Each sport has different needs. Parents are required to volunteer for one “job” during the season. This can be working the concession stand, manning the admissions table, score keeping, time keeping, assisting with a fund raiser, or assisting with the banquet planning. By everyone doing a small part no one person is stuck with a large load. Parents are also expected to get players to practice on time and to games on time. We practice significantly less than the other teams we play therefore we strongly suggest players are at every practice. We understand illness and other family commitments. We simply ask that appointments that can be made at other times are and that a family commitment be given to the sport. At times when conflict is unavoidable, please communicate the situation to the coach as soon as possible. Coaches spend a great deal of (volunteer) time planning games and practices.

Are siblings allowed at practice?
The Crusaders are a family, and we welcome families. However siblings must be attended to by an adult and may not interfere with the practice. There are play areas available at the soccer fields and at the gym however each child needs to bring their own toys or activities. There are also plugs at the gym for portable DVD’s or laptops as well as tables for school to be conducted. Crusader team members waiting for a sibling must be helping, practicing, or studying.

Who are the coaches?
Coaches are volunteers. They have varied experience and education and are picked based on references and an application by FHCA. Coaches give a lot of time and energy into making our athletic program competitive, fun, and educational all while glorifying God.

How can I find out more about specific sports with the Crusaders?
Contact Dave Farrington. Make sure  join the mailing list—enrollment is on the home page of the website, to stay current on what is happening within the organization.

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